Summer Gardening: The Essentials

As we march into spring it’s time to start thinking about the garden. Whether you are a keen gardener or simply have a small space to maintain, keeping your garden neat and tidy is part of your regular routine, especially if you have kids who like to play outside. You may be lucky enough to have a few hot days, so you can roll out that barbecue and have friends around! For gardeners who spend a lot of time outdoors, perhaps tending the flowerbeds or keeping the vegetable patch in trim, there are some items that are simply essential, so let’s have a look at what you might need to buy to get your garden tool collection up to standard.

Lawn Mower

The warm but often wet summer months are when your lawn will be at its most active; grass grows quickly in these conditions, so you need a good lawn mower. Many people still use the traditional, push along versions, and these are great for small lawns, but for a bigger area of grass you should invest in an electric mower. These are easy to use, efficient and effective, and you can find many examples using an internet search.

A Good Spade

As with many items, there is little point in spending money on cheap garden tools. You need to pay what you can afford for the best spade – and fork – you can find, as the better it is, the longer it will last. Check out your local garden centre for the best-known brands, or ask around your gardening friends for advice. This is a tool that will get a lot of use, so choose wisely and it will make your life a lot easier.

A Strong Wheelbarrow

No garden is complete without a solid wheelbarrow; this simple yet essential item is one that will be put to good use throughout the year, so your summer kit needs to include one that is well-built and that will last a long time. There is a surprising amount of debris and other items that you will find the wheelbarrow useful for, so make sure you get a good one! We found a great review of the top 10 best wheelbarrows at, a great review site covering household and garden items – and more – so check it out for the best advice around.

These are just a few of the most important items to include in your garden tool kit, and there are many more. You may also need a pair of shears, especially if you have shrubs that need tending, and a good roll of twine is vital item for tying back plants. Wooden stakes are also useful, especially if you have climbing plants that need training, and then there’s the garden furniture, where you can have a drink and relax after a hard few hours at work. Get your kit together and make life easier in the garden, and let’s hope that we get a summer to remember this year!

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