4 Reasons Stone Beats Laminate for Your Conservatory Floor

Conservatories are one of the most popular home additions across the UK, and it isn’t hard to see why. A conservatory is usually relatively easy to build, planning permission is generally easy to acquire, and adding one to your home should significantly increase its value – beyond all that, your conservatory provides an ideal place to sit back and take in views of your garden.

Of course, there are plenty of things to consider when you’re planning your conservatory, and one of the most important is the flooring material. Some people like to cut costs by opting for laminate over stone, but here are just four reasons why it pays to stick with stone.

  1. Unaffected by Moisture

Firstly, laminate flooring can be affected by moisture. This shortcoming is often disguised by the fact that laminate does cope a lot better with moisture than genuine wood, but it can still swell and warp when exposed to water. Unfortunately, conservatories are more susceptible to leaks than other rooms. Make sure your flooring won’t be damaged by opting for stone.

  1. Unaffected by Changing Temperatures

Your conservatory will be affected more by changing exterior temperatures than other rooms in your home, and that’s another reason why laminate flooring is best avoided. Laminate flooring can slightly swell and contract as temperatures change, and that leads to damage over time. Stone flooring is unaffected.

  1. Resistant to UV Bleaching

Conservatories include plenty of glass, so they enjoy plenty of sunlight. That’s great when you want to feel the sun on your face, but it’s not so great for your laminate flooring. UV rays tend to bleach it out, so your flooring will look worn out after a year or two. That won’t be an issue with stone flooring.

  1. Suits the Outdoor Environment

So, there are plenty of practical benefits that come with choosing stone flooring over laminate for your conservatory, but perhaps the most compelling advantage is that stone simply looks better. It brings a traditional sense of prestige unmatched by laminate flooring, and it perfectly suits the more outdoorsy environment of a conservatory.

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