Once British Toolbox started to build a substantial audience, my husband and I started making inroads into using online advertising to make a small profit from the site. Our early adventures were successful, but we found a lot of time and effort had to go into ensuring the ads on the site were from companies that we felt could actually help our visitors with whatever they wanted to achieve.

This led us to the idea of becoming more selective, while also exposing us to some of the issues that small businesses have with online marketing. We eventually decided that the best way to make sure that the businesses we want to help got the exposure they needed was to handle the entire process ourselves.

As a business owner, you can make use of the ability to advertise on our site in many ways. Here’s a few reasons why you should get in touch.

We Cater To Any Budget

As small business owners ourselves, we understand that many local businesses operate on almost razor-thin budgets that don’t leave much wiggle room for experimenting with new forms of marketing. While this is perfectly understandable, it also places rather strict limits on the audience that you can appeal to.

Our aim is to cater our advertising services to meet your needs. This is why we communicate regularly with our advertising partners so we can work out ways to make what we have here at British Toolbox work for them. Small budgets aren’t a problem, because the audience on our website is so relevant that you should see a rather remarkable return on your investment from the off, without having to sacrifice money to figuring out how it all works.

Our Audience Is Growing

From a small blog that attracted maybe a couple of hundred hits a month, British Toolbox has grown massively to the point where the site now attracts thousands of visitors every single month. Many of these are fans of the site who check back regularly to read the latest posts, but what’s really enticing for advertisers is the fact that 12,000 of these monthly visits come from unique readers who have never been on the site before.

As an advertiser, this means that you can show what you have to offer both to an installed audience of people who are proven to be interested in services that are relevant to what we cover in the blog, plus you will be placed in front of 12,000 new pairs of eyes every month. This means your customer base will grow alongside the audience of British Toolbox.

We Make It Easy

Another major problem that we found when we first started exploring online advertising was the amount of data and analytics work involved in making sure that everything is done right. It took us hours and hours to figure everything out and we know that is time that a lot of small business owners would rather be spending on their companies.

As such, by advertising with us you get to cut out all of the extras that make online advertising such a chore. We will handle all of the tinkering that your adverts need to ensure they reach the right people and are adjusted properly so not a single penny of your budget is wasted on trying to figure out what’s what.

A National Audience

The size of the site’s audience should tell you that people from all over Britain visit us for tips and advice. We offer a national audience to local businesses and, best of all, we can customize your adverts so they only reach the people who live in the areas where you provide your services.

The benefits of this are obvious. Practically everybody uses the internet in the modern age, so it is a lot cheaper to appeal to people online than it is to go through the time and money it takes to create leaflets and flyers. That doesn’t even take the costs involved with delivery into account.

So there you have it. Four great reasons why you should choose to advertise with British Toolbox. We promise to do everything in our power to make your advertising campaign work wonders for you, so please use one of the site’s contact forms to get started.