Bathroom Accessories Every Family Needs

As one of the least expensive rooms to remodel and update, the bathroom is often overlooked; and while it is understandable that bigger spaces like dining and living rooms do take primate, don’t forget that a bathroom is a space used by both the family and guests – it too deserves a little interior decorative loving, don’t you think?

So, why not give your bathroom a makeover and turn it into a more family-friendly space? Just go through the advice below and see what could be applied to your lovely bathroom design.

Start with the color

Your current minimalistic bathroom décor may have worked while you and your spouse were the only ones using it, but now that you’ve got a kid in the picture, you need to add a little color to make their trips to the bathroom interesting. If your entire bathroom is done in a single color, consider going with an accent wall: coat it in your kid’s favorite color or an interesting wallpaper to add a little cheerfulness to it. Complement the interior with same color accents like towels, soap, bathroom mat, etc. This will instantly bring about the element of cohesion and add joyfulness to your bathroom interior.

Think of the little ones

A step stool may seem unnecessary for you guys but think of the little ones – are they tall enough to reach the sink, the towels or their toothbrush? Most likely not. Look for a smaller version of the step stool so you can keep it in a corner of the bathroom. You may even get one of those fold-up stools if your bathroom’s lacking space and keep it stashed away so it’s not in your way.

Go low

Towel bars and hooks are usually placed too high for a kid to reach; to let your kid use the bathroom without necessarily running to you each time they want to dry their hands or face, install the hooks lower. Hooks don’t take up much of the room anyway and they can be used for hanging other stuff like bathrobes, various bagged bathroom kits, your kids’ toys, etc.

Stay cultured with the curtains

If you’ve got one of those gorgeous bathtubs, your bathroom probably needs a shower curtain that goes well with it. For your bathroom to look sophisticated and beautiful, but still remain interesting, go with a neutral shower curtain and leave the bathroom accents to add to the intrigue of your bathroom design. Curtains take up a lot of space and usually turn into the focal point of any bathroom, especially a small one. A kid-inspired shower curtain may work perfectly if the bathroom’s used by your child only but if it’s a joint bathroom, neutral is the way to go.

Include baskets into the decoration

Baskets within any interior tend to add an element of chic into the space, bathrooms especially. Buy a basket in a neutral color and place it somewhere prominent: let it be the focal point of the bathroom.  Use it as additional storage space by filling it up with your cosmetics, shower gels, body creams, rolls of toilet paper and towels. Towels rolled up in a basket, especially if they are in colors that agree with the rest of the bathroom add that spa-element to your bathroom that’s often very evocative of a pampering, relaxing space, don’t you think?

Add a plant

There’s something very beautiful and chic about adding a little greenery to your bathroom, whether we’re talking about a small green detail on the sink or a bigger plant in the corner of the bathroom. If there isn’t enough sunlight for the plant to grow properly, you can always opt for an artificial plant (just make sure it looks convincing) and let it add a hint of drama to your spa-like space. Plants are known to immediately freshen up any space, so take the chance and see what happens!

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