Benefits of A Cover on The Pool

Your pool doesn’t always need to be exposed to the weather or debris that is flying in the air, such as leaves. One of the ways to protect your pool is with a cover from companies like There are also a few other benefits of a pool cover that you might not know about until you purchase one or begin using one on the pool. 

Making Water Warmer


When you use a pool cover on the water in the pool, you’ll notice that there is an increase in the temperature. Sometimes, the temperature can increase as much as four degrees. This might not seem like a big difference, but it usually means the difference between chilly water and water that feels like a sauna for some people. You won’t need to use electric heaters if you want warm water as long as you keep the cover on when you’re not swimming. A solar cover often works better as the sun is used to heat the water instead of just the warmth of the blanket. 

Reduced Evaporation


If the pool is covered, then the water won’t have as much of a chance to evaporate. This means that you’re not adding as much water back to the pool, saving on your water bill and the water that you use from the well. You’ll also save money on pool chemicals as the chlorine won’t evaporate as quickly from the pool. Salt water pools won’t rely on a chlorinator as often as they would if the water was left exposed. A cover will help to reduce the number of times that your pump will come on if the water level drops below that of the skimmer. 

Less Debris


There’s nothing worse than going out to the pool to see leaves in the water or even a frog or another small critter. A cover will help to protect the water from these animals and debris that get into the water. Leaves will sometimes sink to the bottom if the pool is left uncovered and if you aren’t able to skim them off the surface. When the cover is on the pool, it keeps leaves from settling on the bottom and prevents them from getting into the filters. You won’t have to get animals from the water, which means that the water will remain safer for swimmers. The filters will need to be cleaned less often with a cover on the pool, which means less work for you. There will also be less dirt in the water, which means that you won’t have to use as much chlorine to keep the water sanitized. Leaves won’t be able to get into the skimmer basket, preventing any breakdown of the equipment in the pool. 

There are a few things that might pose a negative impact from a cover being on the pool. One is that the appearance might not be as ideal as viewing sparkling water. Another is that you have to remove the cover each time you want to swim. You’ll also need to have space for the equipment needed to roll the cover or somewhere to contain it when it’s not in use.


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