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What Does The Future of Construction Technology Hold For 2019?

We are getting closer and closer to 2019, and that means there would be a lot to look forward to, especially when it comes to technological innovations. There will definitely be explosive growth and evolution in wireless technology, IoT, BIM, and the likes. Since new technology is still under development, allow us to discuss what you could possibly expect by 2019. 

Why you should choose aluminium windows

A while back it wasn’t uncommon to come across poorly made aluminium windows and doors (they clearly weren’t made or fitted by Salisbury Glass!) that just didn’t look as good as ones that are available now. Aluminium windows and doors have made a quick recovery and become something of a beauty in the glass industry. No longer do they cause draughts and soreness to the eyes. In fact aluminium …

4 Reasons Stone Beats Laminate for Your Conservatory Floor

Conservatories are one of the most popular home additions across the UK, and it isn’t hard to see why. A conservatory is usually relatively easy to build, planning permission is generally easy to acquire, and adding one to your home should significantly increase its value – beyond all that, your conservatory provides an ideal place to sit back and take in views of your garden. …

Bathroom Accessories Every Family Needs

As one of the least expensive rooms to remodel and update, the bathroom is often overlooked; and while it is understandable that bigger spaces like dining and living rooms do take primate, don’t forget that a bathroom is a space used by both the family and guests – it too deserves a little interior decorative loving, don’t you think? So, why not give your bathroom …