Farmhouse Inspired Garden Design Elements

A farmhouse inspired garden can be one of the most challenging to get right, but it’s a challenge the typical backyard gardener will relish as it can make for one of the most rewarding outdoor spaces to enjoy in its full glory. Another thing to consider is that any garden space is indeed a living space and should be treated as such. As a result, it’s dynamic and so if 90% into the job of creating something like a farmhouse-inspired garden you decide to change your mind – nothing should stop you from doing so.

Hey, you might even come across some other design elements which lead you down a different road, while exploring all the elements which come together to make up a traditional, farmhouse-inspired backyard garden design.

Based on our agricultural ancestry though, you’ll very likely find that some of the inspired ideas for creating a farmhouse-type garden tend to come naturally. Farmhouse-type gardens are perfect for a range of features including teak garden tables and chairs.

The lawn

If you’re a little on the lazy side as far as lawn care goes, you’ll love this element of traditional farmhouse garden spaces. When it comes to the lawn, farmyards typically cultivate heavier grass types, of which the heaviness can be simulated with domestic lawn by simply not removing the trimming when you mow it. Don’t rake away the bit you cut off.

What you want to achieve is that appearance of the likes of hay by allowing the dead lawn that covers the intact grass to lose its green colour.

It’s perhaps a bit too soon to suggest that you remove your lawn altogether, so we won’t go there… All we will say is you will want to have the best space available to take advantage of affordable teak garden tables and chairs.

A designated functional space or structure

Look, the one major difference between a typical domestic backyard and a farmyard is that the farmyard is productive and the domestic back yard is just there to look pretty! Even though you want to do up your garden in the style of a farmyard, that doesn’t necessarily mean you actually want to use it.

So the next best thing to actually “using” it is making it look like it gets used productively. It’s about more than just the occasional pumpkin patch here and there. There has to be some kind of structure or space dedicated to housing something that looks like it outputs some productivity. It can be an old farmhouse gate that you lean against the wall or perhaps even something like a shed.

Teak garden tables and chairs

The trick to making the yard space look like a farmyard, so when integrating garden furniture such teak tables and chairs, is to use the biggest teak wood garden table you can find and only pull up the chairs when they’re being used. So what if lazy guests, including yourself, occasionally decide to sit on the garden table itself to avoid having to pull up the chairs from the shed, the deck, or anywhere else where you’d well to store them when not in use?


Finally, nothing screams farm-inspired garden quite like some inclines, on which you can cultivate your lawn if you insist, or some fresh produce.