Fun Activities for the Whole Family

For anyone whose considerations to visit York for a fun-filled family outing have turned into solid plans to actually make the trip, good – there’s lots in store for you to enjoy. The fun doesn’t have to be deferred until you actually cross the city border lines however. It can all start right this instance with some pre-York trip preparations to get you fully into the spirit of what awaits.

Assuming it has already enchanted you with its magic, you might want to freshen up on the Harry Potter scenes which were perhaps flashing in front of your eyes while you watched the film series, particularly Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This first title in the series had some of its station scenes filmed at the York Station, so that will perhaps give you a certain air of familiarity when you make your way to the station, otherwise you can also grab a copy of the Gruesome Guide to York for an exploration of Mickelgate’s blood-soaked hangings and Shambles.

Okay, so once everybody’s all packed into the car and you’ve arrived, York brings a huge chunk of the national curriculum to life, all of which can be witnessed in just one place. There is evidence of the Tudors, the Normans and even going all the way back to the Romans, then there are some ghostly mysteries awaiting the curious minds….and chocolate…

The best part of all is that you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets to come away from the city having had the full measure of all the fun on offer. Some of the best of the city’s attractions are free, including taking a walk of the city walls and exploring streets.

Take a walk around the medieval walls if you want to get a good view of York, with about two miles of the walls to see.

Visit the Jorvik Viking Centre to get an interactive view of just exactly why the Vikings have had their history reconstructed in a manner which now sees them as heroes. You and the kids will also get schooled on some of the actual facts about the Vikings, all of which education is delivered in a fun way of course.

York Minster, northern Europe’s largest Gothic cathedral makes for a rather intriguing sight for the adults to check out, but the kids can come along and in fact they’ll probably enjoy it a lot more than you if you download a treasure map from the YorkMinster.Org site. Test the 1289 Chapter House whispering gallery as well.

Extend the fun with a visit to York’s Chocolate Story museum, which as the name suggests narrates the story of our love for chocolate, with its popularity with York’s Quaker families adding an interesting twist to it.

Stop at Betty’s Tea Rooms to complete your quintessential family experience of York and enjoy some cakes at St Helen’s Square. If you have the time then visit the Shambles as well, which is a medieval thoroughfare that once housed a line of butchers (apparently blood used to run down the cobbles), but is now lined with shops and cafes.

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