Gardening Tips

Our busy lives get busier by the day. Between work, looking after our families, paying the bills and cleaning, life can quickly become a race. A race where the finish line is always out of sight. So why not take on a hobby that will help you relax and enjoy the simple things in life? It gets you out in nature, enjoying some sunshine, time away from everything and everyone. The best part? You get to see the fruit of your labour. Sometimes literally! Yes, we are talking about gardening – whatever you are into – fruits, vegetables, or simply flowers! Here are our gardening tips!

Start by finding a container that will suit the type of plant you are going for.  It does not have to be anything fancy if it is the right size and sturdy enough to withhold soil and water. Put some holes in your container to ensure adequate drainage before adding a layer of rocks at the bottom. Now start filling it with some rich soil – you may create your own compost by compiling food waste such as vegetable peelings, eggshells, and other food waste.

Whatever you choose to grow, ensure that you are growing them at the right time of the year and that your container is placed in the right area of your garden. Some plants will thrive in the shade while others need the sun – so check the label on the seeds packet carefully for instructions.

Gardening experts advise beginners to start with easier to grow plants – so speak to staff at your local nursery so they can lead you to the right plants. If you start with the easier plants, you are more likely to succeed and more likely to reap the benefits of a successful project!

Remember to water your plants regularly – that does not mean over watering! Gardening experts recommend making this a part of your routine. As you stick your kettle on for a cuppa, find a few minutes to water your plants!

Organic is now the way to go – research shows that organic vegetables are healthier while plants exposed to chemicals can be dangerous to our health. There are many alternatives for the usual fertilizer and pest control, and they are well worth investing in.

Remember to trim or prune your plants – this will increase the air circulation. By removing extra leaves, you are less likely to spill water over leaves – which tend to lead to yellow and rotten leaves. You only need some gardening shears for this!

Once you have harvested your produce or beautiful flowers, use the seeds to start the cycle all over again. You can use your flowers around the house to bring some colours to your life or use your vegetables to cook for the whole family. Trust us when we say that nothing beats cooking something that you have grown with love!

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