A handy addition to your tool box

When moving and setting up a new house there are many items on the wish list. In particular, in terms of DIY there are many items that you will need to purchase in order to complete a well stocked and fully functioning tool box. However, as many first time buyers will tell you, money usually is in short supply and having spare cash to buy all your own tools can be a struggle. This is a shame because being able to do simple DIY bits and pieces by yourself can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run. Luckily, there is a substitute tool you can get in the meantime that will combine many of the different gadgets you need into one. Introducing the idea of multi tools!! Buying just one product instead of several will save you a lot of cash!

Other benefits

Saving space

Not only will buying a multi tool work out significantly cheaper than buying lots of separate ones, but having a multi tool saves you lots of space in storage. High end multi tools combine over  30 different mechanisms into one device. This means you can free up several shelves worth of storage space in one easy go. For those that live in small apartments in cities this will be extremely useful as space is often a premium.

On the go

Having one small handy multi tool means that you can accomplish many simple DIY tasks at home, but since most products are usually small and compact, you can also take you multi tool out with you when you are travelling. This has exciting prospects for those that enjoy camping or those that are required to fix things in many different locations.

Saving time

By having several tools in one place you are never far away from the next tool you need. This could actually save a lot of time when getting more complex jobs done. There is no need to switch tool at every stage. It would be as simple enough as closing one of the attachments and opening up another.

The range of multi tools

Starter tool

There is a fantastic, huge range of multi tools out there and every person will have their own preference depending on their individual needs. In fact, the multitude of choices available can be overwhelming. For those that are just starting out and have more simple needs from a multi tool, it is recommended to get a simple model and work your way up from there. Like with everything else, of course read reviews of products before you buy. For example, you can see the Leatherman CS on bestmultitoolkit.com. Leathermans are a very established brand and popular with all sorts of users, from teachers to scientists. A simple multi tool like this can provide you with pliers, screwdrivers, a knife and pop out scissors. Many of these smaller models have a clip to help attach the product to your clothing, for when you need to move around.

Advanced tool

For those who would like to get a bit more use out of a multi tool, or for those that have more specific requirements, it is recommended to go for a much sturdier model than the one mentioned above. Whilst these might be slightly more expensive they come with a much wider range of attachments. They might include wire cutters and spanners. A cool feature of many of the more advanced models is that they can be personalised with your own choice of attachments, making each and every multi tool even more useful to it’s owner.

You’ll love it

Regardless of your needs and choices regarding multi tools, it is extremely likely that this purchase will not only meet, but exceed all of your expectations. Most models are extremely hard wearing and research shows they are in use many years after their initial purchase. Just remember: do you research well before you buy and then you will enjoy the ease of your brand new gadget for many years to come!


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