Having the Conversations That Matter

There’s something deeply satisfying about uncovering the sheer creativity which goes into the business process carried out by an entrepreneur, simply because it demonstrates that art exists in so many different forms. In this particular instance it’s probably not an officially classed art form, but if you really dig deep into the inner-workings of some entrepreneurial minds, you wouldn’t be alone in holding the belief that they deserve every last bit of success they’re getting.

This brings into focus one such creative entrepreneur who is solving a major problem faced by pretty much every single member of the modern day community, albeit this particular entrepreneur is servicing his own local community. It simply involves compelling people who form part of the modern day life to have the conversations that matter, whether with themselves or perhaps even more significantly with any significant other they’re seeking to build a life with. We face so many issues today, one of which is having to deal with the processing of too many options to have to choose from and having to sift through a little too much information. A lot of that information is downright confusing, inaccurate or deliberately misleading, often based on economic and social models that may have worked for previous generations, but don’t stand a fighting chance in this day and age.

Something like the high cost of going to college inherently suggests that that is indeed the only true path to building up a successful financial life, i.e. go to school, go to college, get a job, save, retire comfortably. As part of the process you’d be willed to find a life partner and have your 2.5 kids, ratifying your wedding/marriage with an expensive diamond ring you might have perhaps even had to get into debt to get…

So this brings us back to the creative entrepreneur in question, who simply consulted with Speaks Family Law to come up with a template that essentially compels people to ask the important life questions that really matter, prior to getting into any major personal or financial commitment, particularly those financial commitments which affect their personal lives. The law firm he continuously consults with to keep the information current and relevant obviously doesn’t offer this particular service for free, because they are indeed a professional establishment dealing with the regular areas of family law, such as divorce, custody, alimony, adoption, etc.

So anyway, I won’t mention our entrepreneur friend because this is a service he only really offers to the people he shares immediate living space with (his local community), but he does encourage this approach to pretty much everybody who could benefit from it. Basically direct questions are asked as part of a discussion around debt, income, future plans, compromises, etc. These are asked of people who are seeking to establish some kind of relationship which would involve the dynamics around the finances and other areas of domestic life, prompting them to be honest and forthcoming about their current situations so that each party knows what they’re getting into.

Should things not go according to plan, a rational and legal roadmap of the course of action to take is laid out too.