Why Should Sensible Homeowners Choose Stone Effect Flooring?

Natural stone flooring offers a wealth of benefits and styles, and it’s a material that can be used in practically every room of the house. Many homeowners like the appearance of natural stone flooring but are concerned by the cost of it. If this is you then why not consider stone-effect flooring instead? Many companies now offer natural stone-look tiles in lower cost materials such as porcelain and ceramic.These aren’t just cheap imitations though;stone effect flooring has its own benefits which we will explore in this blog.

Easy to maintain

Natural stone needs to be resealed regularly to ensure that it doesn’t become worn and vulnerable to stains as it wears over time. In contrast, stone effect flooring requires very little attention so is easier to care for. Porcelain is a popular choice of material for stone effect flooring, and the process used to create these tiles results in them being extremely strong and durable. Porcelain is also easier to clean as you can use most household cleaning products on it, whereas many natural stone floors require specialist cleaning products as they can be damaged by acidic or abrasive cleaning agents.

Stylish Appearance                                                                                                Many people worry that if they choose stone effect flooring that the final result will look artificial, compared to natural stone flooring which contains small flaws and mineral deposits meaning that no one slab is ever quite the same as the next. With modern stone effect flooring this needn’t be a concern, as manufacturers work hard to produce unique patterns in each tile to recreate the natural variation of stone.

Low cost

Ultimately, the main appeal of stone effect flooring is the lower cost when compared to using real stone. What you might not realise is that not only are the costs of the tiles themselves cheaper, but the installation costs are often also lower as porcelain and ceramic tiles tend to have more uniform shapes and finishes, so it is much easier to line the edges up making them quicker to install.

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