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This week: blogs on Tumblr

Tumblr may be called the smaller version of the Web, as you can find nearly anything there. With more than 243 million blogs and over 100 billion posts, it contains pictures, text messages, videos, and other materials of any interest. Everything you need to become a part of this mini Net is your email address and the desire to share your interests and thoughts. You will need to follow at least 5 accounts in order to start, and this often helps users to start their connection with this world. Due to fast work and convenient interface of the application, you can read a new post by your favourite blog anytime and anywhere. You can also comment, reblog it, or write your own thoughts on it by tapping a couple of buttons, which makes the app easy and interesting to use. For more complex tasks, such as modifying the look of your blog — there are thousands of themes to choose from — you’ll need to log in to the site from a computer, but for quick posts on the move or for checking up on your followed favourites, this app does the job without fuss.

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TumbleOn HD
£1.49, iPad; 79p, iPhone

Most Tumblr posts are photo-led, so if you want to look at pretty pictures without the risk of reading someone’s appalling grammar, try TumbleOn. It will display the latest shots from your followed blogs, search the site by keywords and suggest great new pics chosen by the app’s editors. You can also create groups of blogs, bookmark single entries, opt to see just new posts and search your history — all vital tools should you find yourself swamped after signing up to follow hundreds of blogs.

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£3.99, iPad

If you run blogs on multiple platforms, Blogsy allows you to craft new posts and upload them simultaneously to all. It works with Tumblr, WordPress, Typepad, Blogger and a dozen lesser-known sites. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are also on the menu, but not Twitter. It lets you get creative with type, colours and images; you can work offline; and geekier users can even edit the HTML code that determines how their entry appears on other people’s screens.

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