What is the best cladding option for your newbuild home?

Whether you are trying to get your foot on the property ladder with a new build home or an experienced developer looking to increase their portfolio with a string of new properties, finding the right cladding for your new development is crucial. 

There are a variety of different options out there from timber cladding to PVC and ceramic alternatives. But which option is best for you? This article will talk you through some of the most popular cladding options on the market. 

Timber cladding 

Timber cladding has been around for centuries and is used throughout the world. Whilst it may be viewed as a traditional option, many modern developments are changing the way they use timber cladding. Vertical panelling in varying different lengths and thicknesses are changing the way we view timber cladding. 

Whilst timber cladding is using a natural finite resource if you keep an eye out for the FSC certified timber cladding you will be able to purchase in confidence that you are purchasing a product that is supporting the environment. 

Timber is also a very versatile material when it comes to cladding. It can be cut to different lengths making it a good option for different sized homes. There are also different staining products on the market that will allow you to get creative with your timber cladding. 

PVC cladding 

Many people chose PVC cladding as it is easier to install and also provides some insulation benefits from your home. The versatility of it means it comes in various different styles and colours. It does not have quite the same natural quality feel of timber cladding. 

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) cladding 

This is a relatively newly developed cladding that consists of 70% wood and 30% resin. It differs from traditional timber cladding in that it will not fade over time with weathering and does not require regular treatment or maintenance. 


What option is best for my new build? 

The right option of cladding for your new development will depend on a number of factors. If you are trying to create of more natural timber-framed home, timber cladding is the way to go. However with more modern designs perhaps PVC or other sleeker cladding options may be best. 

Whichever type of cladding you go with make sure you do your business through an expert supplier to ensure you get the best product possible.